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Hey ya beautiful! Glad you chose to check out which programs I have available for you to start creating the health that you've been wanting for so long. I strive to help women create happy, healthy & vibrant bodies that they love. Gone are the days of shame and guilt. Now you can focus on what makes you happy in life and start living. Balanced hormones and your ideal weight are within reach and I'm happy to help you along your journey. 

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Just a quick introduction in case you haven't ventured onto my About me page.


I'm Claudia, holistic health coach, boss lady, owner and creator of Claudia McIntyre Health Coaching and owner/operator of my local wellness spa Aqua Float Wellness. 

One of the big reasons why I chose holistic health is because I truly believe that you can only achieve optimal healthy by addressing the entire person, from physical, emotional, spiritual, mental and physiological imbalances. Health isn't just one thing, it's a complex web of intertwined imbalances that work together like a machine. Each aspect influences the other, starting with food and the nutrients our bodies get.