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The Women's Lounge

group programs

Welcome to the women's lounge, where we come together to achieve a common goal.

Get healthy!

These programs are designed for you to do on your own with minimal support. You will have access to me in our program specific groups. If at some point you need support, you can post there for help from me and fellow program participants.

Sometimes it's not easy to make long term changes so that's why I created these programs - taking baby steps to help you achieve your long term goal of ditching unhealthy habits. 

Get started today by clicking on the program you would like to participate in. You may start out with one and then go on to the next one when you're ready to try something a little longer to help you make long term changes in your eating and lifestyle. 

*Please be sure to check programs that start on a specific date. You may find more success when you start your new program at the same time as others. Community support will help you stick to it to make long term changes. 


DIY Programs


10-Day Sugar Cleanse

Get started with a thorough Sugar cleanse. Give your body a boost with these nutrient dense foods and get ready to ditch the cravings. 


4-Day Jumpstart Your Health

A quick boost when needed, this easy 4-day jumpstart is great for getting your healthy eating routine back on track. Rid the body of toxins to feel amazing.


The Busy Woman Body Jumpstart

Your 30-day jumpstart to clean eating with a complete exercise program that will sure kick start your weight loss goals. Ideal for the busy woman!

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