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Are you experiencing any of these?

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Sagging Skin & Wringles

As we age our natural collagen stores become less each year, creating wrinkles, loss of fullness of cheeks and lips and sagging skin around the jaw line.



Joint & Muscles Pain

Collagen is an important building block of ligaments, tendons and muscles, making it a crucial structural component for healthy joints, for young and old alike.



Hair Loss

A major cause for hair loss is inflammation, and collagen has been shown to act as a soothing barrier for hair. The Biotin in Glow helps promote hair growth.

If you are suffering with the following issues, you need to replenish collagen

Problems with GI tract lining (IBS, Leaky Gut)

Dry Skin

Premature Skin

Brittle Nails


Acne & Rosacea

Loss of Muscle Mass

Tendon and Ligament Issues

Stiff, inflexible joints

Joint Pain

High Blood Pressure

Circulation Issues (Varicose Veins)

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The Benefits of Glow

Since the body is 90% type 1 collagen—even your hair, skin, and nails—we use a highly absorbable and bioactive form of type 1 collagen peptides. Most importantly, we hydrolyze the collagen ourselves! We buy raw collagen, then enzymatically hydrolyze it with natural fruit enzymes into di- and tripeptides. If you want to find a quality, traceable collagen, you don’t have to search long—those are details that few collagen companies can claim.

What makes Glow different from other products on the market?

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Featuring Chris Kotter, VP of Sales - Tranont and Lorna Vanderhaeghe, Collagen & Natural Health Expert

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