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Healthy Green Smoothies
Jump start your health in just 4-Days
I want the Free Detox Program

Quick and easy detox to jump start your health

Just 4 days, that's it. That's all it takes to purge the body of harmful toxins, reset your metabolism and help you kick those cravings quickly. 

Sound good? I think so!

Then you better download my best selling program today, for FREE! Yeah for FREE!

Now getting started on your health journey doesn't have to feel overwhelming, because let's face it, there is lots of information out there and it all seems like a jumbled mess. 

If you are like many women, you've been on many diets, none of which really kept the weight off, sometimes not even dropping much weight. It's frustrating and I completely get it. So what should you do? Start small, baby steps. With this detox you will get rid of the built up toxins that can keep you from losing weight and start recharging the body with delicious meal ideas and smoothie recipes.  

What can you expect from your detox?

During the first day your body will need a little time to adjust to this new way of eating. You may experience a light headache, feeling sluggish or drained and may have some slight nausea. This is completely normal as the body detoxes from harmful toxins. 

By the second day you should feel an improvement and by the time you finish your 4 days you should feel pretty good. The key is to drink plenty of water in order for the body to be able to flush out that yucky stuff.

Why should you detox? The real benefits

Detoxes and cleanses are beneficial in that they aim to rid the body of any toxins and buildup of chemicals in the body. Toxins are stored in the liver and fat cells and need to be eliminated on a regular basis. Ideally you should detox twice per year to optimize your metabolism and give your liver a flush so that it can function optimally.  You can experience more energy, you will sleep better, your skin will look better and you can expect drop a few pounds...woohoo!

In this free guide you will find...

10 Day Sugar Cleanse Challenge (4).png

Here's what others are saying...

"Quick and easy to follow, and I feel great!"
woman 3

I had been binging on sweets for some time and I wasn't feeling all that great. I knew I needed to do a detox but it just seemed so overwhelming. So glad I found this 4-day program to help me kick my sugar obsession. I feel awesome and plan to do one every month.

- Julie F.

Want to kick it up a notch? 


Give Claudia's 10-Day Sugar Cleanse Program a go. A more advanced program that will get rid of toxins from the body, improve moods & sleep, shed some pounds and make your skin glow. Now who doesn't want that?

This program is chalk full of recipes and healthful tips and tricks that will help you live happier and healthier. 

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